Ex-couple reunion on their son birthday

Malaika Arora and ex-husband Arbaaz Khan united yesterday to celebrate their son Arhaan’s 15th birthday. The ex-couple has always maintained a cordial relationship with one another and their families. They have been co-parenting their son Arhaan.

Malaika and Arbaaz Son
Malaika and Arbaaz Son

Malaika shared images from Arhaan’s mid-night birthday celebration, and the three of them can be seen posing together in the snap. After the divorce, Malaika had said in an interview, “Arbaaz is a part of my family, the father of my child. Certain equations don’t change overnight. The things that happened should remain between us. It’s personal. We don’t have to prove anything to anybody. [Meeting Arbaaz] makes my son happy, and that makes me happy. Come on! For Amu [sister Amrita Arora Ladak], he’s like a brother, and he is a son to my parents. What happened is between us”

About the separation, Arbaaz had said, “I look at my scenario as my personal scenario. I have a 14-year-old boy right now who, unfortunately, has seen his parents split for whatever reason. He needs the right guidance and the right attention for which if I have to maintain a certain amount of decorum in my family then it will be done. I have a very good relationship with Malaika, and her family and it will continue to remain that way and my son is my priority and I would do anything to see that situation is maintained, apart from that there is nothing else to ask.”

Well, it seems the ex-couple did a fantastic job as they made happy their lovely son.

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