Evaraina Epudaina

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What it’s all about?

The film Evaraina Epudaina is all about a young boy who falls in love with a girl. He does not know how to woo her and tries all kinds of gimmicks, some funny and some not so funny.

The plot:

Varun Sandesh is a happy go lucky guy without a care in the world. He has finished college and is not worried about his future. He lives off his brother spends time fooling around. He makes money by blackmailing everyone around him. The hero now falls in love with Vimala Raman. Vimala is a kind hearted and gentle soul. She runs an old age home.

Vimala is in complete contrast to the hero. While the hero is a fit for nothing vagabond, she is sort of an angel figure. So how do the two opposite sides meet and fall in love? For this, the director embarks upon a very unfair method. The hero is shown doing many things that no one would really approve of. In a way, the hero is shown doing many cruel acts and all this in the name of heroism!

The hero’s plans backfire and the heroine begins to hate him for this. The rest of the story is how the hero manages to bring about a change of heart in the heroine.

The actors:

Varun Sandesh is convincing in the role of a vagabond type guy. His careless attitude is supposed to be cool and macho. The heroine Vimala Raman is not exactly hot. She is just average in looks and acting. May be some other heroine would have jelled with Varun better.

Rama Prabha does a decent job. Giri Babu is okay. Kota is routine, Surekha Vani and Radha Kumari play guest roles. Ali manages to evoke some laughter. Venu Madhav is loud while Brahmanandam appears in a cameo towards the end.

The bottom line

Evaraina Epudaina is not an entertainer in the strict sense. There is not much action and the comedy is also just average. There is very little in the film for the family audiences. It is a film only for the college going students and they may connect with the film to an extent. The fate of the film at the box office now rests entirely on the word of mouth publicity of the college students.

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