Evadaithe Naakenti

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All care is taken to retain the angry young man image of Dr. Rajasekhar. Direction by Samudra and (Jeevita as claimed in the climax of release) has turned out to be a major letdown. You will only watch the illogical raise of the hero with unconvincing screenplay (by the hero himself). Still have the guts!

Army Major Surya (Rajasekhar) comes to Hyderabad on leave and visits on his family members. A crooked minister (Raghuvaran) is his dad, who is desperate to become chief minister and he would not spare any means to achieve his goal. The politician’s two sons-in-law are responsible public servants donning the badges of an IAS and IPS respectively, but they are hand in glove with their father-in-law while executive corrupt designs. Amidst this set up, Surya has loving sister and childlike mother.
True to the nature of an angry young man, Surya strikes at the corrupt dad and brothers-in-law. He wants to put a checkmate to their deeds and this turns out to be a strong rivalry between the father and the son. Adding fuel to the fire, the father wants to get his daughter married to a corrupt police officer, though the girl is in love with a guy in her college. The boy gets killed and the girl gets married to the choice of her father. With this, the rift becomes close to the point of death. In a close-knit vengeful act, the hero quits his army post and joins politics; and becomes the Home minister – replacing his own dad! How the hero executes his mission against the corrupt fellows forms the crux of the action
-filled drama.


Rajasekhar, whom success has evaded since for long, took up the major responsibility of shouldering the entire weight of the movie on his shoulders. From start to finish, his characterization is smeared with action, dialogues and emotion. Interestingly, Rajasekhar chose to give a slip to the song and dance factor and limited himself to a few steps. Moreover, the stamp of ageing is clearly seen.Raghuvaran did the act of villainy on his part with all his might. His characterization more or less resembles that of the one in Shankar’s movie “Oke Okkadu” (playing himself the role of a chief minister).Heroine Samvrita provides just an average click for the movie and she doesn’t hold any interesting thread that is connected to the main story, of course as usual. She goes on teasing the hero, testing the patience of the audience.Kalabhavan Mani plays the main villain, with the mannerisms of Gemini still overshadowing him.
All the other characters have done well within their limitations as demanded by the story.
Technical Values


Story is a direct lift from Malayalam hit movie “Lion”. Though there is novelty in the story for the Telugu audience by way of projecting the villains from within the family circle of the hero himself, the treatment has very much come closer to several blockbusters.Direction by Samudra and Jeevitha Rajasekhar are mediocre. However, there are a couple of emotional scenes to impress you now and then. Screenplay by Rajasekhar himself is not in good taste. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers sound deliberate and embarrassing. Sai Kumar, who rented his voice to Rajasekhar after a gap of nearly fifteen years, dominates the theatres and there is all confusion.Songs and music are completely disappointing. Stunts give a feel that they are just jetted in to satisfy the hero and this department provides a heavy dose of treatment to the audience.Comedy is not adequate.


The movie is opened to run of the mill talk. There is a possibility of it catching up with the B and C centers for a while.

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