ETV Prabhakar Pens Story for Allu Sirish

T.V artists, anchors who mesmerize on the small screen, also give a glimpse of themselves on the silver screen. They appear in small roles in movies and satisfy themselves by doing so. Anchor’s like Omkhar tested their luck in the direction department and became successful. Now, ETV fame Prabhakar pens story for Allu Sirish.

Prabhakar to direct Allu Sirish
Prabhakar to direct Allu Sirish

Now, following his steps is T.V anchor, artist Prabhakar. Prabhakar, who was received hugely across the Television viewers always shown his interest in cinemas. He who did few character’s in films is getting ready to sit in the seat of a director. Prabhakar has recently finalized a story for Mega hero Allu Sirish.

After his launching movie “Gauravam,” Sirish did “Kotha Janta” under the direction of Maruthi. Though, he didn’t taste much success and were present acting under the direction on Parasuram. On the other side, Prabhakar too managed to complete a story and received green signal to direct Sirish.

The film was inspired by a horror film in Tamil. Few changes were done to this story and got approval from Sirish. To justify his character in the film, Sirish has done a makeover appeared to be different. This new look of his that was posted by him in his twitter is being received well.

Lavanya Tripathi was finalized to do this film.

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