Esha Gupta got a shock from a male fan

Having fans brings so happiness as they can get recognized everywhere they go. But the same fans create some troubles in the name of hardcore devotion towards celebrities.

Esha Gupta A Male Fan
Esha Gupta A Male Fan

Mainly for the actresses, problems from fans get double for their beauty as so many fans try to touch them or try to get a photo with them. One such incident happens to the Bollywood hot actress Esha Gupta. This glamorous girl has a huge male fan following for her sex appeal and steamy scenes. Esha, who had been to Dubai to open a shop in a shopping complex was surrounded by many male fans. One particular male fan has started asking to take a selfie with her. As she is going to the washroom, that fan followed her like a shadow and even entered Ladies changing room. Bewildered Esha called the security guards to pull him out of her sight.

Later she was so sweet enough to leave him without any oral complaint as he claimed that he followed only for the selfie but not for molestation. Esha has been in shock throughout the entire episode.

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