Erra Bus Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

Erra Bus Review:Dasari Narayana Rao, the legendary director of Tollywood film industry, came up with Manchu Vishnu to bag a biggie in Tollywood. This flick is a litmus test to Catherine Tresa as this beauty is not getting big offers in the industry. After few above average flicks, Manchu Vishnu is experimenting his luck with this venture. Read on to know whether this pair got the right break through or not.


Rajesh (Manchu Vishnu) invites his grandfather (Dasari Narayana Rao) to live with him in the city. Rajesh is a software professional and he lives in an apartment in the city. His grandfather is from village and his mannerisms are from village atmosphere. Due to the mannerisms of his grandfather, Rajesh’s girlfriend (Catherine Tresa) who is a doctor, feels frustrated. Even the locality members too gets frustrated with his grand father. How Rajesh manages the situation and how will be move ahead with his grandfather turns the other side of the story.


This film is as per the old trend. Previously, this sort of flicks used to appear in Tollywood in the 90s when transformation of people from farming to government jobs was seen in AP. Dasari and his team decided to show the same concept with modern approach of software professional and village. Dasari’s acting as a grandfather looked good. Manchu Vishnu too worked out well on the role with ease.

Catherine Tresa was given limited scope in the flick as this venture mainly deals with the emotions between the grandfather and the grandson. Brahmi was not well utilized and Krishnudu was fine.

Technical Aspects:

The concept of this flick looked a bit different. There is lot of transformation in the society and people in villages too were a bit aware of the city culture. Hence, this flick looked a bit different for the audience in the theatres. Production values were well maintained and the other departments were not up to the mark.

Unlike the present generation ventures, this flick lacks power punches, twists and unpredictable comedy sequences. Lag factor too affected this venture to some extent. This flick can be considered as an emotional drama between two generations. Music was fine and it carried away along with the story.

On an average:

This flick may attract the attention of yesteryear audience but for the present generation youngsters, this flick may not look much interesting. The expectations of present generation audience about a story with full of twists and youthful content cannot be found in this flick.

For the yesteryear audience and family audience, who look for sentiment and generations related stories, this flick may get connected well to their hearts. Looks like, Dasari too made this flick for that set of audience.

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