Its Entertainment Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Thumbs Up: Junior and Akshay Kumar

Thumbs Down:
Many cliches, useless Bollywood References, too much of Bollywood.

Yawns: Sluggish second half

Pet Lovers will rejoice and relate!

A typical Bollywood comedy caper, gripping with humor and a few good moments! We all seek Entertainment in life, and with this film ‘Entertainment’ got a new dimension in terms of Junior (The Dog). If you are a Movie Freak (read Bollywood!), then you will full well understand the humor and the digs. Akshay and Krushna with their slapstick comedy try to bring more and more humor, and sometimes they try too hard!

Some moments are really hilarious and some too stretched and sluggish. But you can’t just get past the cliches. Krushna has just poured in every bit of his Actor/Actress Itinerary and named every B-Townie in a way you might laugh, but not all would like the use of tongue-in-cheek humor. (Like Me!)

There were bouts of laughter amidst the audience but at a few instances I was sitting with a plain face. Opinions might differ. The film has humor, no doubt about that, but at times the serious attempts to induce laughter will just make you close to fretting.

The concept of melodrama in Bollywood advances further with ‘Entertainment’. The script has flaws and it happens only in India Mantra, is revamped as ‘It happens only in Bollywood’. Well! Yea! Where elese would a Dog be inheriting 3000 crores, come back from dead the old Bollywood Emotional Attyachar Way. If you thought emotional attyachar worked only on humans, then let me tell you, you are mistaken, even dogs are not immune to Emotional Attyachar (Refer to the Hospital Scene!)


In terms of acting caliber, Akshay does get into his breezy avatar, and make people love him. Comedy has been his genre, and Akki knows full well as to how to step into the character. His timing is precise and like always he looks good on the screen.

Krushna is his usual self it seems, he is cheeky, humorous, but sometimes overtly cheeky too. His comic sense is far better than what he has been doing on screen. But with a script to follow, he is entrapped in his “Mere Paas cineMAA Hai” land. He is a walking-talking Bollywood dictionary and in every sentence of his there is a name of a Bollywood celebrity- From A-lister to B-Grader!

Shining bright is Junior, who is an adorable dog. He is well-trained and his parts are well edited. Dogs are intelligent, loyal and downright smart and Junior is definitely not a junior in terms of these capabilities. He is the star of the film, as he bears the name of the film. So technically, he is the protagonist and others are the characters around him.

Tamannaah is surprisingly well on the silver screen. She aint just an arm-candy, and whatever she is given, she does justice to that. Delivering decent performance, Tamanaah as the Telly-Opera actress delivers her performance with conviction and clarity.

Mithun Chakraborty is a miser father who wants to get his daughter married off to a rich man, and he is even given some snappy liners to which he adds his own tadka. Surprisingly, those clichés from a veteran like Mithun don’t seem too much into the face. I guess that’s the power of our Disco Dancer. Johnny Lever has always been a comedy figure, and that no one can take away from him. He delivers an exceptional one, yet again. What he does best is make people laugh, and that is achieved.


If we really get deep into the technicalities, then I would require more and more writing space, as there have been too many occasions where the script falls too weak. Though the makers have taken a stab at trying to explain everything, the too much explanation part just adds more to the distaste. The dialogues are reduplicated and it at times feels like a stale Bollywood Khichdi. Having said that, I would even add that there are a few scenes pulled off well and a few scenes done well too. But to my eyes the scenes involving Junior with the actors were too animated. Plus, it was evident in some scenes, with the background looking too fake- Snow Arena scene for that example.The stars did attempt to carry off the bleak script on their shoulder and they succeeded in doing so at various points.

Watch or Not:

Pet Lovers are likely to love it, and so will kids. A family film, which gives you time to laugh, enjoy and on occasions, get bored together. For those who do not like the Bollywood Style Story Fabrication, you may give it a miss. The ‘Dog-gifted’ pals will surely find an emotional aspect involved and are likely to like the film. Sadly, Indian Cinema Halls or Theatres do not present you with an opportunity to watch it with your dogs. Otherwise, that would have been an experience to share with your lovely pets.

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