English subtitles for Bangalore Days from today!

Anjali Menon’s Bangalore Days is the biggest crowd pulling attraction of 2014 so far, and the audiences have unanimously embraced the multi starrer entertainer without reserve. Not just that the fans of the movie seem to be crossing language barriers and apparently the filmmakers have decided to oblige them – so the movie is getting English subtitles on every screen starting today, June 6!


Yes, its true – the flick raked in over Rs 6.5 crores on its opening weekend itself, and that was on an international scale without the subtitles!

Eager fans had asked for the trailer to be re released with English subs and it did happen, so now it looks like its prime time for the producers to usher in more crowds with this strategic move. After all, the stars in the movie do have a fandom that crosses state lines and the movie’s plot and narrative style has a certain universal youth appeal to it also.

Gopi Sunder’s pop infused north meets south music and Anjali Menon’s scripting of the dialogues, which are not too wordy and rely mostly on timing and tone, lend themselves perfectly to be subtitled for audiences unfamiliar with Malayalam.

Besides, the whole of the movie is set in Bangalore, which is the melting pot of the south when it comes to diversity in youth cultures!

Dulquer Salman, one of the leads in the film tweeted this regarding this exciting development:

“#Bangalore Days now with English subtitles !! By Friday in all theaters ! Bring your friends !! Spread the cheer to even non Malayalees !!”

Mollywood sweetheart and another leading lady of the trendsetting hit movie, added this:

“#Bangalore Days shows will have English subtitles from tomorrow in all theaters!!!!!”

So to you non Malayali fans – it’s your lucky day, what are you waiting for? Get them tickets now!

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