Endukante Premanta Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)


The film starts with a Period love story of Sri Nidhi (Tamannaah) and the boy whose face she never saw. This boy (Ram in 70s look) tattoos her name on his hand, but, dies trying to save Nidhi from an accident and is buried before Nidhi comfortably returns from the shock of the accident, and she dies too, a little later,crying at the dead Romeo’s still afresh grave.

The girl is reborn as Sravanti, the daughter of an Indian ambassador in Paris. She has this recurring dream situation and in the dream she’s running towards a coke can on the road, then a guy appears and kicks the can, the can hits her on the head, something else happens and she doesn’t get to see this guy’s face either.And she pledges that she’ll marry this guy who hit her with a can without second question if the thing were to happen in real life.

Ram (playing Ram) is the mischievous one of a joint family and ends up in Paris where he meets Sravanti just about to jump of a bridge and the question that keeps the film going is why only he can see and listen to her.


Except for the first one, all of his films are narrated through cheap gags; unrealistic settings and direction that seems to draw the worst even out of seasoned actors. The bad edits, over the top score and costumes, ripping of Hollywood romcoms and other practices of his further enhances this boring style of his.


Ram’s performance seems to have bits and pieces of every kind of style (which are repetitive and unoriginal themselves) found in our mainstream market. His parts of the film seem like the whims of a rich kid who has no idea about films or its making and is happy that way.

Tamannaah (female leads in general) is just a slightly twisted version of a similar routine. As long as you look like the authentic North Indian import, you’ll be happy and employed.


Interval…I was in line for popcorn and it was a long line. As always the line was moving slowly and for once I was not annoyed. I would rather stand in the line than walk back in to face the amateur extravagance.


Reviewed by Rohit
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