Emraan’s narrow escape

Emraan Hashmi is known more for kissing on screen than being part of death-defying action sequences, but it looks like he’s trying to change that reputation of his. But that attempt didn’t get off to the greatest start. While Emraan was filming a particularly dangerous stunt for the movie ‘Crook in Melbourne’ in Australia, he almost died.

Here’s what happened – Emraan was driving down a freeway following a vehicle on which a camera had been mounted. Quite suddenly, the really heavy camera fell off the vehicle. Emraan was driving too fast to stop or even get out of the way. So he drove over the camera! The camera broke and Emraan and his car skidded a long way on the road. Fortunately, it didn’t get off the freeway.

It was a lucky escape for the actor, and it seems it made him realise how dangerous stunts can be. But it was back to work, and new action scenes the next day. With a new camera, of course.

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