Emraan Hashmi is the Headmaster at the School of Kissing!


The man who just completed a decade in the industry, and bears the tag of ‘Serial Kisser’, Emraan Hashmi feels that at the school of kissing, he holds the position of the headmaster, and it will take really long for youngies to replace him.

At a recent Press Event, the shy in real life actor, was spotted cracking jokes upon his serial kisser image. When asked who would be best fit for the title of serial kisser in B-town, among the Gen Next, Emraan cheekily quipped, that it will take around some ten years for any young actor to replace him when it comes to kissing.

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Not only this, he advised the youngies to do at least four films a year and suggested them working with the director Kunal Deshmukh, who after thirty percent completion of the film, plans upon introducing ‘some romance’ in the film.

Well!Well! Emraan, we certainly agree, it will take quite some years for any young actor to succeed you in terms of kissing! But do watch out for your cousin Alia!

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