Elli Avram in Salman Khan’s film

Salman with Ellie in Bog Boss 7
Salman with Elli in Bog Boss 7

Everybody knows about Salman Khan’s adoration for Swedish-Greek actress Elli Avram since her entry into the Big Boss house in Season 7. Salman and Elli have bonded big time over the running of the show, with Elli gaining importance in the list of his friends. Adding to the camaraderie is Salman’s likely plans to cast her in his upcoming film.

Salman Khan justified the same with his statements about his intention to have Elli in his film – “You will see Elli when a director or producer casts her. We have Elli in mind for sure. I will say that straight out” he said.

Elli has bonded closely with Khan family and was also seen attending recent Salman’s birthday bash. She gifted him a crystal lamp on the occasion. The viewers were mesmerized over her uncanny resemblance with actress and Sallu’s ex, Katrina Kaif and one wonders if this was one of the factors that catalyzed this friendship. Elli made her Bollywood debut with Mickey Virus.

Salman, however clarified the bias factor of friendship here

“It is very clear that if i see something in a person only then the person will get to work with me. Earlier when i used to drink, they would think they will come and do their ‘jugaad’ but nothing used to work” he expressed, adding, “If i feel that a person deserves it, only then it will happen or else nothing doing. If somebody makes my head turn twice that means the girl has something about her”

Salman’s gesture to encourage and promote young talent is not unknown. He had a great influence in grooming stars like Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. Well, it must be Elli’s turn now.


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