Ekta Kapoor files lawsuit against Drishyam makers!

Now this is a development nobody saw coming! In startling news, Ekta Kapoor has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the Malayalam version of the super hit movie Drishyam, as that version was the ‘original’ one to be made.


What’s the lawsuit about, you ask?

Well, there’s a Japanese book called The Devotion of Suspect X, written by an author by the name of Keigo Higaashino, which has quite a cult following. And seeing the potential there and being the very able film and television producer and businesswoman she is, Ekta had bought the film rights for this book.

However, it turns out that the movie Drishyam maybe an unofficial, unauthorised adaptation of this book and quite possibly the writers of the flick borrowed heavily from it to formulate the plot of the movie.

Apparently, on hearing these rumours somewhere, Ekta’s team watched the movie and found many similarities between the literary creation and the film version. This alone would be grounds for a lawsuit as there has been an infringement of property rights against Ekta who shelled out money to make a movie based on the book on her own.

But what has happened here, that’s all the more damging to the interests of Ekta, is that the Malayalam movie was so successful that it got remade in to Kannada and Telugu too and both have been successes!

To make matters worse, the Tamil version of the film just launched with director Jeethu Joseph, who directed the original, at the helm and none other than Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan playing the lead role essayed by Mohanlal in the Malayalam version!

Kamal’s presence would make the already much talked about movie a pretty huge deal in Kollywood and it would also mean a far wider audience for the flick perhaps.

So if indeed the facts of the case as reported by the sources are true, Ekta is in quite a pickle and is hoping to get a settlement or compensation perhaps from the Malayalam producers of the movie, though this is just speculation at this juncture.

We’ll have to wait and see how matters unfold in the days to come..

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