Ek Niranjan Movie Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

what’s all about?

Ek Niranjan is a story of a young boy Prabhas who has been kidnapped when he was a kid. He grows up as an orphan and becomes a police informer. He is in search of the identity of his parents and keeps begging his kidnapper to reveal their identity. How he finally manages to meet his parents is the story.

The plot:

Chotu (Prabhas) who is working as a police informer meets a musician Sameera (Kangana Ranaut) and falls for her. She also reciprocates his love. As part of his job as a police informer Chotu is after gangsters. He gets some goons of Johnny (Sonu Sood) arrested. Johnny is angry with Chotu but waits for a chance to get even with him.

Kailash (Mukul Dev) is a gangster working for Johnny. He is now in jail for the murder of a minister. He is now wanted by Johnny as he knows the secret of the murder of the minister.

Chotu too is after Kailash as he will get a police reward for catching him. Sameera’s brother is opposed to the love affair of her with Chotu and hence he takes her away to far away Bangkok.

The scene now shifts to Bangkok where Chotu, Kailash, Johnny, Sameera and others meet. What happens next forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.

The Actors:

Prabhas comes up with a top notch performance. He is cute and looks very much like his pet name Darling. Prabhas carries the film on his shoulders. Sonu Sood as the sadistic gangster Johnny gives a brilliant performance.

Kangana Ranauth fits the bill of a glamorous heroine. Sangeetha and Tanieklla Bharani as Prabhas’ parents are okay. Brahmanandam and Ali try to raise some laughter with their roles as Tantra and Mantra. Sunil and Venu Madhav also appear in brief roles. Posani plays a wicked politician.

The Bottom Line:

Ek Niranjan is a pure entertainer with some big fights, comedy and sentiment. The film has the Puri Jagannath stamps all over it. The film should give both Puri and Prabhas the much needed big hit.

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