Effect of Currency Ban on Singer Chinmayi

The latest decision of the govt to ban the high denomination currency notes has affected not just common man but also celebrities.

Singer Chinmayi
Singer Chinmayi

Noted singer Chinmayi, who also dubs for Samantha and other actresses, has taken to social media to express her first ‘no valid cash in hand’ experience. It seems that Chinmayi and her actor-husband Rahul Ravindran were in the US and landed in Hyderabad only on Thursday morning.

The couple didn’t have a single valid note with them, and even the ATM idea didn’t work out. She said that the kind security guard at the ATM gave Rahul Rs 20 so that they can drink tea.

Amazed by the kindness of that man, Chinmayi shared, “A lot of us have our hearts in the right place. We are kind. We are good. We just forget that.”

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