Effect Of IPL On Movie Collections

effect of ipl

The 3 C’s sell in India- Cricket, Cinema and Corruption.
And ironically, all these seem to be in the news for various reasons.
Corruption is the major issue taken up by politicians to campaign for themselves ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Cinema industry is on a rise given the stellar entertainment value of some upcoming films.
And with the advent of the Season 7 of the Indian Premier League,things have gone to the next level altogether.
You switch on the TV and you’re sure to be provided with wholesome entertainment. Right from Politicians getting slapped to your favourite actors making a fool out of themselves,to raining sixes and fours, the viewers have a buffet of entertainment in front of them.

However,the biggest impact of the cricketing league has been on Movies.
Ever since its inception, it has had tremendous impact on the collections of the movies releasing during that time. Debacles like Tashan,Zanjeer,Ek Thi Daayan,Thoofan etc are a testament to the fact that Indian audiences do not see to be bothering to go to the theatres during the cricketing season.

In view of that, over the years,many projects have been smartly delayed to avoid clashing with the cricketing extravaganza. This year,the trend seems to be continuing as well.
Big budget releases have been postponed to ensure encouraging collections at the box office.
Going by the hype,current movies such as ‘Race Gurram’,’Legend’ and ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ seem to be in the line of fire and they stand a chance to losing out on a lot of collections at the box office .

Most Bollywood movies have also been delayed to avoid dismal performance due to the IPL.

It therefore remains to be seen how exactly the Indian Premier League will be impacting the movies in the next few days as it progresses.

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