Eenadu Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

What it’s all about?
The film Eenadu as everyone known is a remake of the Hindi film ‘A Wednesday’. Kamal Haasan plays the role played by Naseeruddin Shaw in the Hindi version. Eenadu is about the menace of terrorism and shows how one man shows how it can be tackled.

The plot:
Police commissioner Eshwar Prasad (Venkatesh) gets a call that several bombs have been planted in various places in the twin cities like cinema halls, malls, police stations and even on a moving train. The caller does not identity himself. He is Kamal Haasan but we do not know his name or his identity or his religion.

Kamal Haasan manages to convince the police commissioner that he is serious. The police commissioner then gets permission from the chief minister to negotiate with the caller and do as he wishes. Kamal wants four dreaded terrorists lodged in jails for planning bombs at Lumbini Park, Gokul chat, Jama Masjid to be released.

Eshwar Prasad agrees to release the four terrorist and at the same time he also tries to locate the whereabouts of Kamal in a bid to nab him. He is assisted ably in this task by two senior police officers, Ganesh Ramanathan and Bharat Reddy.

The remaining part of the story is suspense. We have a twist in the climax and the film has a surprise ending.

The Actors:
Kamal Haasan plays the unidentified caller who demands the release of the four terrorists. Kamal does a neat job and it is not fair to compare his performance with that of Naseeruddin Shaw. Venkatesh is very dignified and cool in his role as a police commissioner. Ganesh Ramanathan who acted in Aakasamantha gets a chance to show his acting skills in the film. He plays an undercover cop and he does full justice to his role.

Bharat Reddy is good. Lakshmi does not have much to do. Poonam Kaur looks beautiful. The toehrs are okay.

The film is technically above average. The cinematography is very catchy and the direction quite competent. Chakri manages to impress with his debut film. Shruthi Haasan has also done a decent job as the music director. Dialogues by Neelakanata are good. Some examples – “Terrorism ni Terrorism thone edurukovaali”, “Terrorism is instant, Justice should also be instant” etc.

The last dialogue by Venkatesh after losing his job as police commissioner – “Ippudu neenu police commissonerni kaadu, oka common man ni, naa badhyatha inka perigindi!” sums up the message of the film.

The Bottom Line:
The director has stuck to the original for most part except for some minor change in order to appeal to the Telugu audiences. Eenadu is a fairly good film and thought provoking too. The film holds your interest from start to finish and the ending is unexpected. It is a message oriented film that can be watched once.

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