Eega Movie Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

It is

Branded mainstream mediocrity.

Notes about the plot

The star director who prides himself on revealing the story beforehand might be better off not doing it. Unlike any quality cinema where ‘what drives the film’ is just the beginning of screenplays filled with detailing on every front, it’s the end for an SS film.

The film takes place in the usual detail deficient sets of SS (he doesn’t give a damn about basic continuity too) amongst characters with one line of detailing.

Sudeep playing Sudeep is multi-millionaire (conversations talk of nothing less than say 500 crores) and a womaniser. He’s got all the trademark womanising skills from our 90s films. Nani playing Nani is the good hearted neighbourhood boy who loves the micro artist Bindhu (Samantha). Sudeep can’t wait to get it on with Bindhu and gets rid of Nani in the process. AND…in comes the stroke of screenwriting brilliance…Nani is reborn as a housefly, for revenge, no SS films without revenge right, and with a housefly taking revenge you can get all inventive…it was horrible.

Over the top

Okay, we realise it’s just cinema and a Telugu film on top of that, the whole housefly-cute girl romance is….ahhhhhhhhh…okay we buy it, but, what about the sets, the score or any other such niceties we are losing one by one.

The loud and rusty score reminds one of bad films from the 90s and of the two human performances, Sudeep is pushed to look stupid and fierce, Samantha’s part was the usual cute and worried at times. Nani’s screen time was the only cheer.


For all those who don’t mind constantly bugging CGI attached to writing with one or two cheap thrills, this is just for you.

Reviewed by Rohit
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