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Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Sunil Verma has been continuing his success form with his latest film Eedu Gold Ehe. From the beginning, the promotions of the film have been on full swing. The film Eedu Gold Ehe stars Sunil, Richa Panai and Sushma Raj in the lead roles. Veeru Potla is the director of the film and the film has been produced by AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd. Anil Sunkara is the producer. Mani Sharma’s son Sagar Mahathi is the music director of the film. The film has been watched and check out our review on the film here.


Eedu Gold Ehe
Eedu Gold Ehe

Bangarraju (Sunil) is an innocent guy who earns a living doing small time jobs. He comes across a good family and joins them to lead a happy life. He also grabs a job in the shopping mall. On a parallel note, a huge robbery takes place at a criminal’s home and valuable Laughing Buddha statue gets stolen. After a brief investigation, it is found that Bangarraju did the robbery. The criminal gang starts chasing Bangarraju and at the same time Bangarraju has to face the heat from another gang headed by Sunil Varma. Who is Sunil Varma? Why did Bangarraju involve in the robbery? these questions gives us the complete answers about the film’s story.


Sunil varma is rocking in the role of Bangarraju. He is ever energetic and tried his best to entertain the audiences. In almost every scene, he made sure that the energy levels are high. Sunil entertains thoroughly and gets the tag as a Golden hero. Richa Panai has nothing to do in the film She is just for the glamour quotient in the movie. She failed to utilize the opportunity but Sushma Raj was good with both glamour and performance. Shakalaka Shankar impresses with his comedy track. Aravind Krishna has got a very good role in the film. Sr Naresh, Prudhvi, Benarjee and other actors are good in their roles and made us feel their presence.

Writing & Technical Departments:

Sunil in Eedu Gold Ehe
Sunil in Eedu Gold Ehe

The dialogues of the film are very good. Veeru Potla who is known for his mark dialogues has come up with some interesting dialogues. The story is routine and it offers nothing new but the screenplay has been interesting. The cinematography of the film is good. The director of photography made his work talk. The editing of the film was good. The music scored by Sagar Mahathi was just okay. None of the songs in the film are hummable. The background score is impressive. The production values maintained by the producers are rich. The technical team’s performance is impressive which generated a very good output.



  • Sunil
  • Performances
  • Comedy


  • Routine Story
  • Music


Sunil as usual rocked in the film. The way he has carried out the innocence in his character has been impressive. The film has a good story but the director could have worked more on the film’s story so that it appear convincing. One thing must be appreciated that Sunil has come out of the routine factors and he has attempted some thing interesting and unique for the film. He might be aware of the public talk and so planning the career nicely. Coming to this film Eedu Gold Ehe, the movie is good in many major aspects. The film never slows down in terms of providing entertainment and it is ever refreshing. The film unit has did their best in doing proper script work so that the narration never gets slowed down. The plot line offers several restrictions in designing the screenplay but the director has cleverly plotted the twists in the plot and maintained everything perfectly so that the thread was never loosened. The film has energetic performance from Sunil which is the key factor for the success of this movie. With some good dose of entertainment, the film Eedu Gold Ehe impresses the audiences this weekend and has a chance of becoming a decent hit at the box office.

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