East Godavari Girl’s College Fees Paid By Pawan Kalyan

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is known for his humanity and charity works. Whenever a person comes to him for help, he immediately attends them and makes sure that he gets benefited from him. His ex-wife Renu Desai is a no exemption from the same. Both of them have helped so many people in the past. Now, they showed it again to a girl who is not able to afford her exam fee. As per reports the actor paid Rs.4,000 for a degree college girl upon insisted by Renu Desai, who received the request from the young girl.

Pawan Kalyan Paid College Girl Fees
Pawan Kalyan Paid College Girl Fees

Going into the reports, the girl Laxmi Durga Degala is a degree student who received the help. She lost her father few days back and fell into a financial crisis where she could not pay the fee for her college. She requested Renu Desai to pay her fee. Responding to it immediately, Renu Desai asked her manager to enquire about the details of the girl and after coming to a conclusion that it was a genuine request, she forwarded the same to Pawan Kalyan who sent the money to the girl.

The girl thanked Pawan and Renu for the help by posting a tweet saying, “god be with u thank u sooo much for ur help thank u no words to say thank u sooo much. for which Renu Desai replied, “Study well and make your parents proud. That will make me happy! Best of luck for your future :)”.

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