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Rating: 2.5/5

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Dynamite” is an action package directed by Deva Katta. Manchu Vishnu has produced the film under the banner 24 Frames Factory featuring himself, Pranitha Subhash, J. D. Chakravarthy in pivotal roles. It is the official Tamil remake of Arima Nambi.

The movie was released today with over 900+ screens worldwide, which marked the highest in Vishnu’s career. Let’s look into the review of Dynamite.

This film is an action thriller in which Shivaji Krishna (Vishnu) plays the role of a car salesperson, who falls for Anamika (Pranitha) who is the daughter of a leading TV channel owner. In the process of their meeting, Anamika gets Kidnap by a group of goons. Shivaji, who is already in love with Anamika, informs police about the incident. Much to his surprise, the cops turn out to ignore him.
Our hero takes up the responsibility of finding his love, starts searching for clues that make him spellbound when found. The goons that kidnaped her came for a particular reason of stealing a memory card, in which they feel, has some high-end secrets of their boss.

In the series of action going, the film takes on with twists and turns.


Thumbs Up:
Manchu Vishnu has been doing a unique kind of genre films past few films. This time it was an action genre. As Vishnu earlier said that the film was shot with more number of martial art action scenes. Martial art, in a different manner, was presented by this film, which Vishnu has carried well. This film sets a new trend for its action scenes, and Action Choreographer Vijayan will be recognized for his good work.

Deva Katta, the director who earlier did Vennela, Prasthanam has gradually shifted his genre to action from emotion, resulting in Autonagar Surya and Dynamite. Though the film was a remake, Deva added his unique kind of sensibility to this project. The screenplay of the film in the first half was soo good that the audience can’t divert their mind.

Pranitha, who played the lead heroine in the film, has given her part. She was good in few scenes. Songs picturized on her were attractive. She was an additional asset to this film, who adds glamor.
The last 10 minutes of the movie saw a good pace in intensity. J.D. Chakravarthy has impressed with his villain role, mostly in the climax. He should opt for such roles in future. Actions sequences in the film were good. Vishnu performing the stunts in the film will stand as the highlight. Viva Harsha can once again be seen in this film.

Thumbs Down:
As the first half of the film was so attentive, the second half couldn’t continue the same pace. Scenes were dragged in the second half. People were seen with yarns and blank faces when songs started playing. Few songs were needless been fitted in the film that should have been chopped out at the time of editing. Editing wasn’t such

Dynamite Review
Dynamite Review

impressive too.

People who watch comedy-entertainer, this film one surely not the one to watch.

Dynamite is a complete action entertainer in which Vishnu suited himself with scenes. This presents him in a new shadow. Screenplay, first half are pretty impressive, as the audience took mazzaa from them. This film though doesn’t provide much of a romance or sentiment, but surely makes you twists and stunts.

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