Dulquer to star in the next Manirathnam movie?

Dulquer Salman is doing amazingly well these days, to put it mildly. The actor with Bangalore Days behind him now, and a whole slew of interesting films in works with some big names, might just be about to hit the jackpot. It seems he has impressed one legendary director enough – Manirathnam!


Yes, sources say that Manirathnam watched a few of Dulquer’s flicks and appreciates the young star’s acting versatility so much so that he is considering making him the lead in his next movie!

Kollywood and Mollywood fans can never forget the iconic Manirathnam movie of the 90s – Dalapathy – which starred Rajinikanth and Mammootty. The smash hit movie is still what many Tamil fans remember Mammootty for. So will things come a full circle with the filmmaker now working with Mammootty’s son as well?

Dulquer though already had a warm reception in Tamil Nadu with his movie Vaayai Moodi Pesuvom becoming a hit. But a Manirathnam movie will put the young superstar in a different league altogether, to say the least.

Manirathnam’s last movie Kadal had not created the impact everyone had hoped for – among the masses or with the critics – so his next venture is something the people are curious about.

He had announced a big multilingual project with Tamil and Telugu stars but that seems to be getting delayed for various reasons, and it looks like the director has shelved it for the time being. The movie with Dulquer then would be the next one in the works, or so the reports indicate.

Well, if it does become a reality, this one will be something that will have fans across the two states eager to fill the seats at the cinemas. Good days ahead for Dulquer Salman definitely..

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