Drunk Honey Singh Impresses The Ladies!

Yo Yo Honey Singh certainly turned a regular Wednesday night into a roaring party!

It was at Rishi Acharya’s nightclub, that the rapper turned up unannounced and was mingling with some of the guests and Acharya.


After a few drinks, Honey Singh walked over to the DJ console and before one knew it, he was on the table, rapping away to the delight of the clubbers.

What could normally cost a bomb for the fans of his music, turned out into a free gig with Singh performing for a good fifteen minutes. The crowd went ballistic but the chorus for an encore was unheeded as Singh was already raring to hop on to his next destination. Evidently, someone likes to keep it short and sharp.

A source from the party reveals, “Honey Singh was at his entertaining best last night! He was probably too drunk to realise what was happening, but the guests couldn’t have asked for anything better. The girls were going nuts. The moment he started crooning “Blue Eyes” everyone went bonkers! It was a lovely evening!”

Well, we are sure everyone present there had a great time indeed.

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