Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What it’s about?

Drona is about the young son of an honest police officer and how he finally redeems himself of the charges of stealing the Nizam’s jewels.


The plot:

Drona (Nitin) is accused of stealing the Nizam’s jewels. The police as well as the villains, Sarkar (Kelly Dorjee) and Dr. Sivaprasad are after him.

Drona returns home after 10 years but does not reveal his identity to his parents. But Indu (Priyamani) learns about his identity but helps him after she learns about the truth.

His parents think that Drona had run away from home after being admonished for playing with the service revolver. But Drona did not actually run away from home but he was kidnapped by the evil gang of Kelly Dorjee.

Many children are kidnapped by the gangsters and they are taken to a secluded island where they are trained in all aspects. Dorjee wants to use them to steal Nizam’s jewels and then run away to Dubai and live hppily.

Drona and co. manage to steal the Nizam’s jewels but when Dorjee does not keep his word of freeing all the kidnapped youngsters on the island, they hide the jewels and run away.

Dorjes is now after Drona as he has hidden the jewels. Drona finally manages to outwit the gangsters and hand over the jewels to the government, thereby redeeming his name and also that of his parents. He also gets to marry his lover, Indu.


The actors:

The film revolves round Nitin for a major part. Nitin shows great ease in dances and fights. But the overall impact is lost due to the sketchy and long winding screenplay.

Priyamani is hot and she is there only to expose her well chiseled body. Priyamani shows her assets quite liberally. She sizzles in a bikini in the pool and also in a rain dance just before the climax.

Kelly Dorjee disappoints. He does not impress as the evil and dreaded gangster as he is set out to be portrayed by the director. The intensity of his act is missing. Dorjee is a pale shadow of what he was in the Nagarjuna starrer Don.

Dr. Sivaparasad comes up with another of his routine acts. Seetha as Nitin’s mother is okay and the rest of the star cast is average.

Venu Madhav tries to evoke laughter with his imitation of Sonu Sood’s Pasupathi act in the film Arundathi but the act is too brief to make much impact.


Best scene:

The scene when Nitin and hit two friends steal the Nizam’s jewels has been executed well and it is quite impressive.


The bottom line!

Drona has all the mass masala elements but they have not been woven into a coherent and interesting fare.

The film as a result fails to entertain fully. The big fights and action scenes may pull in the crowds in the B and C centers.

However, there is no disputing the fact that it is Priyamani who is the biggest draw for the film and not the hero or the storyline. Evan Rakhi Sawant’s item song pales out in front of Priyamani.  

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