Drishyam actress targeted by religious fundamentalists!

Actress Ansiba Hassan is known to most as the daughter of Mohanlal’s character in the super hit movie Drishyam. The bold and rather outspoken actress had made it clear then that she was not a ‘child actress’ as the media had dubbed her but was a grown woman.

As if to drive this point home, the beautiful starlet had also said that she is not shying away from glamorous roles if they came to her. Furthermore, recently some rather steamy pics of hers in taken in a photo shoot with some revealing attire and some hot poses have also gone viral.

Now, here’s the situation the actress has found herself in – some people are flooding her Facebook page with comments abusing her and they have religious overtones.

She has been accused of going against the tenets of her religion and this goes to the.. shall we say, extreme and somewhat ridiculous threats or warnings that she will indeed pay in God’s court for her actions.

But all’s not bad and harsh, as some of the actress’s fans and other well meaning individuals have also sided with actress against her attackers, and we have ourselves an online comment war.

Online trashing and abusing of celebs is a growing trend in the social media. It was also evident in the recent case of actress Amala Paul having to pull down certain pics she posted from her honeymoon in Mladives with her new husband, director AL Vijay. Though, to be fair, those had no faith based abuses and mostly just included sleazy and cowardly trolling.

We do not have Ansiba’s responses to the attacks yet, though it seems unlikely that this will damage her resolve to do as she wishes professionally in any recognizable way.

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