Drishya Kavyam Movie Review – Boring Horror

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Tollywood’s recent obsession with Horror movies continue and this week we have another one called ‘Drishya Kavyam’. Lot of horror movies have released which includes the psychological aspect after the hit of Chandramukhi. Some show that there is no ghost by the end and some show that there is one and some smarty leave it abstract in a hope to make a sequel. Drishya Kavyam has its share of psychological thrills.

A still from Drishya Kavyam
A still from Drishya Kavyam

Akhil (Ram Karthik) and Abhinaya (Kashmira Kulkarni) are happily married couple after their love story in college was successful. They have a baby , Ananya. You can make a small observation here with respect to the naming of the cast. They all start with an A. In an unfortunate road accident, Akhil dies on the way to airport. However a strange thing starts happening to the family. Akhil continues to speak to the family on phone after his death. This adds to the psychological aspect of the film and also horror. The rest of the movie is about how the mystery builds and how it unfolds.

Drishya Kavyam is fundamentally a family drama with horror only as an instrument to gain the attention. The movie revolves around the bond between father and the daughter and it becomes too monotonous after a point of time. Of course the daughter and father relation is very beautiful, but one should not over emphasize it and make it boring. Some episodes towards the climax however gain the lost momentum. On the whole the movie ends on a very average experience for the viewer. First of all, this a movie which consists of majorly newcomers. With that if the script is not developed well, then the chances of losing the attention is pretty soon and pretty high. That’s what happened to this movie.

Drishya Kavyam Telugu Movie Photos
Drishya Kavyam Telugu Movie Photos

Background score plays an important role in horror films. Background score for this movie turned out to be ineffective in some scenes and thus couldn’t elevate as much as it’s supposed to. Moreover the songs were unwanted and make the watching experience even more badly. The cinematography is Ok, given the budget. Editing could have been much better. The comedy scenes were too silly and inspired by hit formula of Telugu horror successful films.

Performances wise, the lead actors did quite a decent job if not great, and especially the child actor’s performance was convincing. The pre-interval portion has been though of well and restores some lost faith in the film. The ending however is a bit abstract and ends in a done to death manner like RGV’s Agyaat where the viewer is fooled for the time and money he spent.

In short, Drishya Kavyam tries to be in par with the successful films but it definitely fails by following a template with not much innovation.

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