Dracula star apologizes to Vinayan

It was quite recently that the feud between actor Sudheer Sukumaran, who was the lead in Vinayan’s Dracula 3d, and the temperamental director himself, caught the attention of the tabloid press.

What began with Sudheer’s alleged comments against Vinayan, turned serious with Vinayan responding with a harsh Facebook rant and immediate legal action.


Apparently, the actor has made it known that he was unhappy with the remuneration he had received for his part in the movie and then might have possibly called the director a cheat (though this remains unconfirmed).

Vinayan, of course, known for his ‘no holds barred’ statements to the press and gung ho attitude towards the establishment or rather the powerbrokers, took the alleged insult seriously and went on FB declaring war on the “ungrateful” and “fourth rate” actor who had now sided with his enemies instead of repaying his magnanimity for casting him in the first place. He also gave a statement in court accusing the little known actor of maligning his reputation.


With the battle horn now sounded, it seems Sudheer has come to his senses and decided to apologize to the director via the media for any unintended insults.

“I gave two years of my life to that movie, and it cost me a lot of money to keep myself in shape for the role in that time period. I was just disappointed at the measly sum I was paid in the end; I have no other complaints against Mr. Vinayan,” said the actor, who is currently working in the Johnny Antony film Bhaiyya Bhaiyya.

Bhaiyya Bhaiyya is also the movie which serves as the return vehicle of actor turned politician Innocent to the big screen after his hard campaign for the Lok Sabha elections this year.

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