Dr Biju reveals the ‘Rejection List’!

Dr Biju, the critically acclaimed director that won several laurels with his movies and recently got Suraj Venjaaramoodu the Best Actor national award with his movie Perariyathavar, has come out with a rather perplexing fact – the list of major actors who rejected the lead role in Perariyathavar!


Yes, it seems a number of stars and veteran actor had said no to the project before Suraj accepted it, without hesitation one might add.

The passionate film maker had approached actors Dileep, Jayaram, Sreenivasan and Biju Menon with the role of the sweeper in the movie, which talks about the lives of those marginalized minimum wage workers in society who remain nameless and faceless to us.

The role required enormous acting prowess as the number of dialogues were very limited and most of the character’s depth and substance had to be communicated nonverbally through body language and facial expressions. One would think this would be a dream role for any actor serious about his craft but the facts seem to say otherwise.

Dr. Biju says that while some of the names on the list had shown interest in the project initially, they later seemed indifferent and kept him waiting, dragging the launch for months at a time. This was especially true in the case of the popular hero Dileep.

It was at this juncture that the director sought out comedic actor Suraj for the role – a choice many may have questioned at the time but proved fateful for both Biju and Suraj.

Suraj, who was thrilled with the opportunity, rocked the cine industry with his stunning performance that eventually led to national glory.

Lady luck or destiny, it looks like Suraj’s time to shine had come and the movie became a pivotal point in his already successful career.

Right now, Dr. Biju is busy with his next project which revolves around the issue of the Endosulphan poison and a photographer who gets in to the thick of the issue. According to reports, Kucnchacko Boban will play the lead in the movie.

Well, one thing is for sure – the next time the national award winning film maker comes out tiwh a project idea, the stars will think twice about rejecting the role…

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