Dr Biju now targets Sreenivasan!

Well, well director Dr. Biju is certainly on a roll with his one revelation and after another to the media. After commenting that Kavya Madhavan rejected a role in his movie because she didn’t like the way he ‘looked’ (as far as directors go) and letting out the names of major actors who rejected the lead role in Perariyathavar, he now has specified the case of actor Sreenivasan in the mix!


According to the critically acclaimed film maker, he had submitted the script of Perariyathavar to Sreenivasan when he showed interest in taking on the lead in the movie. But even after days of waiting, there was radio silence and the director must have grown concerned with leaving the script with the actor, who also just happens to be a veteran writer. One reaches this conclusion because the director had to text message the actor threatening legal action if he did not return the script. This message must have had its effect on Sreenivasan as a few days later Biju got the script back via postal mail.

Why the sudden roll of revelations regarding some big names in the industry? Only Dr. Biju knows that but maybe his movie which went through much rejection earning national and state awards could have brought out all the suppressed indignation in him… or maybe it’s his new found confidence in his abilities and the resultant ‘don’t care’ attitude.

They say confession is good for the soul, but any way you look at it, the director sure is making some very experienced professionals in the fraternity very upset or at least mildly annoyed with him in the process.

Let us hope this doesn’t turn in to another open feuds (or feuds) that take up the media news space for the days to come and/ or affect the film maker’s future in the field. After all, making too many enemies out of your peers can never lead to anything good.

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