Dorasani Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)
Movie Name Dorasani
Cast Anand Devarkonda, Sivathmika Rajasekhar, Kishore Kumar
Director Mahendra
Music Director Prashanth R Vihari
Cinematography Sunny Kurapati
We know the introduction of Vijay Deverakonda as somebody who didn’t have any support in the film industry and how he raised with the choice of scripts and strengthened his position as an icon for youth and he is now a force and most wanted hero in Telugu film industry. His choice of films, his real-life attitude made him what he is today. Now we have Anand Deverakonda, brother of Vijay who is making his debut as a hero along with Rakasekhar’s second daughter Sivathmika Rajasekhar who is also getting introduced with the movie under the direction of KVR Mahendra produced by Suresh Productions and Madhura entertainments. “Dorasani” is the name of the movie and already the promos and songs are released on the internet and they are promising with a periodic love story set in the rural village of Telangana. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing into theatres today.


Dorasani ReviewRaju (Anand Deverakonda) is one and only son of a painter which generally is whitewashing the houses in Villages. He studies outside of his village as his village school doesn’t have higher education. On summer days, he comes to his village and sees Dorasani a.k.a Devika (Sivathmika Rajasekhar) and falls for her at the first look itself. He then starts to find various ways to contact her and Dorasani starts to reciprocate. Their love succeeds in between themselves and they sneak out on a night for a tour in the village and they get caught by Siddha, who works for Dora. What do they do? How do they make their love successful?


Cast and Performance

Anand Deverakonda who played the role of Raju has done an okay job in his first film. His face looks plane in most of the sequences. Sivathmika Rajasekhar is good in her role. She has a good screen presence. Kishore Kumar is good in his role as a leader of a Naxal gang. Most of the actors in the movie are new faces and they did well. 


Writing Departments

The story of Dorasani is a love story of two classes in the divided society. The screenplay is good but slow. The dialogues are written well.


Technical Department

Prashanth R Vihari composed the songs for the movie and they are good to ears. They are mostly used as montages in the movie. The background score he composed is good and works well with the proceedings. Sunny Kurapati has shot some delightful visuals for the budget. The editing by Navin Nooli is good. The art department has done fantastic work. The rich production values add value to the movie.



Music by Prasanth R Vihari
Cinematography by Sunny Kurapati



Snail pace of the movie



Dorasani is a film that discusses honor killings that are prevailing in the society even today. The film begins with the introduction of the character Raju and then gets into a love story between Dorasani and Raju. Raju never forgoes an opportunity to see Dorasani and finds new ways to communicate with her. Those proceedings don’t generate much of curiosity but fear in our minds for Raju to not get caught by Dora. They become monotonous and becomes a laugh out loud moments when someone in the audience passes a comment. The second half runs in the same way and they get caught. Director Mahendra gets into some plot points like Naxalism and doesn’t explore them much. The slow pace of the movie and the dramatic happenings spoil the proceedings of the movie and makes it an average watch. To sum up, Dorasani is a one-time watchable love story that discusses the concept of honor killings. 
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