Doosukeltha Review – Rohit

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Funny how the success of all the formula films are often attributed to the hero/star. Except for a very few instances these guys seem very interchangeable. Today it was Vishnu.


Chinna (Vishnu) from Picheswaram had a childhood narrated by a star hero and played by one of our awful child actors. Chinna would never forget those who helped him and he’s pretty gutsy about…almost anything actually, you know just your average superstarish childhood.

Then one day, Alekya aka Chitti and her mother arrive at Picheswaram. When the hero wouldn’t forget those who help him, the easiest way for the universe to get him his girl would be to make her someone who is all for helping people, strangers especially. So the little Chitti helps Chinna even before they get into town and they are bonded for life, more or less. Alekya had come to town to finally live with her father at his bungalow, a father who had kept his marriage a secret from his family. Again, the usual super rich feudal family with a bungalow full of servants.

Chinna makes a bet with a kid from the feudal family to save Alekya from all the harassment. The idea of the bet misfires and Alekya and her mom are driven out of the bungalow with false accusations. Even Chinna’s family ends up leaving town because of the bet’s repercussions. How they met again by chance and how Chinna transformed all the hate in the world to love is the rest of it.

True that, but…

The film wasn’t a total drag, true that the gags ended later than sooner, true that the plot line is the now used up Gopi Mohan model full of impostors with Brahmanandam thrown into the mix and true that it is distressing to sit through songs that are just part of a compulsive mechanism, but, the film does score high on cinematography, it didn’t let the story stagnate and my personal favorite was the casting of Pankaj Tripati, amazing how much an actor like that can add in spite of the mundane masala ambience.

Reviewed by Rohit

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