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Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

Doosukeltha Review: Jump into this, it won’t hurt.

Plot: A cunning and ruthless politician, Dilliraja (Pankaj Tripathi) is involved in a thermal project scam. Chinna (Manchu Vishnu), on the lookout for a job, ends up as an investigative reporter for a TV Channel and his first job is to perform a sting operation on this scam. A few goons are trying to kill Alekhya (Lavanya Tripathi). What is their motive and what does our Hero do to solve the various issues forms the premise of the story.

Analysis: When you have to make a commercial flick, there are a few formulae you have to stick to. You might know this as well! Your teacher would have surely asked you to stick to the answers from the textbooks to get the maximum marks in board exams! Director Veeru Potla does the same and puts in a dose of every ingredient that is necessary.

The story goes on and on and by the time you reach the interval break, you would sit wondering if you have done injustice to the money in your pocket. A few comic scenes here and there evoke a few laughs but till the interval, the movie is a bit flat. But once the second half starts, the comedy track starts to pick up.

Manchu Vishnu as Chinna puts in a genuine performance but his comic timing looks a bit forced upon. He does a very decent job though, yet one might just wonder if his brother, Manchu Manoj would have been a better actor for this role.

There are days when you will find yourself sitting in a commercial film and you would automatically start to pull your hair out yelling, “Not again!”; but this time you will be pushed almost towards the edge but the director really starts to get his act together and manages to send you home with a decent entertainer.

The director puts the supporting cast in well scripted and formulaic roles and they all have given the best shot. Special mention must be made to Rao Ramesh who excels yet again! Posani Krishna Murali and Vennala Kishore have very entertaining cameos. Pankaj Tripathi does well as the bad guy while Lavanya Tripathi has a good outing as well.

Even in this flick Brahmanandam has a regular role and he gets bashed up a lot. Despite having the similar kind of role almost every film; He manages to salvage every movie he stars in. Although we have to admit, we get a lot of fun watching Brahmi’s expressions and his antics when gets bashed up in such roles, but it is the time for some director put to use the veteran actor’s capability and comic timing to a better use (Don’t they hear him yell “talent ni full ga vadukondayya” in films!).

Verdict: No matter how much you like an exotic and tasty dish, you will often end up indulging yourself in a serving or two of the roadside chaat to fulfil your craving. Doosukeltha is just that. It is not a movie that you must watch no matter what, but there is nothing to lose if you give it a viewing. I am going out with 3/5 for Doosukeltha. 

Reviewed by Sriram

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