Dookudu Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It is

Signature Telugu film making.


It is kind of hard to write down the plot lines of our films, you can always mistake one film for any other.

Think of a large scale star film involving more action (compared to the only other genre we know of – family cinema, they have fewer fights). What can you come up with?

An influential family for our hero, the most sought after heroine of the time, songs in three different countries, fights at random warehouses, twists which you know or don’t really bother about and other such niceties we are usually supplied with.

Ajay’s (Mahesh Babu) a cop. He’s the obvious best of the entire cop force in the country (a country where everybody speaks in Telugu or at least can lip sync to it). He always has side kicks walking in a two by two balance next to him and they are allowed to wear goggles now and then, but, they never get to wear two shirts. The new thing, the new mark of our heroes : TWO SHIRTS or even three if they feel like it. Ajay’s dad (Shankar Anna played by Prakash Raj) is a long time good doer and much loved local leader. And there are villains who do these bad things and those parts are played by our usual cast of villains (Kota, Sonu Sood, Subba Raju etc.). They try killing Shankar because he’s obstrucintg their villain activities (ya, those again : illegal drugs, guns and other villainous things). Shankar’s killed in an accident, a SHOCKING revelation is made later about Shankar’s death and what Ajay does to make the world a safer place.

The film involves a load of characters and a load of plot tangles which are all resolved in the ONE fight at the end, so, don’t let the mess on screen get to you.

What relaxes you?

At least in the last deacade, our comedians and their acts alone kept us sane and laughing in the midst of total lack of originality.
This film changes nothing about that fact.

Parasite film making

These are the most succesful kind around. Every film is a look-alike of the previous ones. Once in a while there is a film whose plot’s slightly different (though the treatment is the same old) and the rest of them feed off the mediocrity of their colleague’s film.

This predominant practice needs to stop at some point, every film is a mix tape of foolish ‘hit singles’ (which in themselves were mixes of their time).


Mahesh did well, he’s learned a few new expressions. Ever since Pokiri the old/subtle/I can’t talk much/"I’m a 6 footer what else do you want me to do" Mahesh is not to be found. He’s found solace in his new method of talking too much, which should work just fine for all the fans.

Samantha (playing Prashanti) seemed to have delivered her full. She appears now and then and got to sing and dance a lot before they got married in the end.

I’m almost bored of saying that the likes of Prakash Raj, Kota, Brahmanandam and other true artists cannot do badly. But, it is very tiring to see them get slapped or beaten and ultimately killed, all the time.


You do know of the story of the blind old lady who wanted to enjoy the play like the rest of the crowd. For all such genuine audiences who don’t mind getting poked to remind them of a laugh, you’ll love this.


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