Don’t watch Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Mardaani’ – Amir Khan!!

Sensational actor Amir Khan came up with a new episode now. After the controversial “PK” poster, Amir Khan’s interest fell on Rani Mukharjee’s latest film “Mardhani”. He asked all the children not to watch Rani Mukherjee’s “Mardhani” as it contains high quotient double meaning dialogues and sequences.


Amir Khan felt that it is not good for the children to see such films which have abusive language. It is a noted fact that Rani Mukharjee requested the Censor Board to bring a new certificate into the force for this flick. As per this certificate, children will be sub-divided into below 12 and above 12. She aspired to resend this flick for a new certification.

Speaking on this, Amir stated that she might have a different opinion on this, but the flick is not safe for kids to watch. He further advised parents not to take their children for high-violence films. Few people commented on these statements saying that, “How far is it safe for children to watch PK as it has nude scenes?”

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