“I don’t like women oriented films” – Nayanthara

Awaiting her next big one, Anamika, actress Nayanthara spoke to PTI with some surprising views with regard to women centric films in Indian Cinema. The actress feels playing women centric films are too much of a burden for an artist.


“I usually don’t like to do women-centric films because it’s too much of a responsibility on your shoulders. Everything has to be correct but when I saw ‘Kahaani’ I thought this is one film, which I would want to do in south,” Nayantara said.

Anamika is a remake of Hindi superhit Kahaani and Vidya Balan played then core protagonist that was well received by the audience. However, Nayan’s character has been moulded according to her individual personality and the actress will not be playing the pregnant woman like Vidya did.

It was completely Sekhar sir’s call. From the very beginning, he didn’t want the pregnancy part in the story and I was very scared about this because that was the main plot about the film. He wanted to make it even more challenging without the pregnancy part,” she added.

Nayan also compared her role of a pregnant Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam to this effect. “In ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’, I played a pregnant character through most of the film. I also have two kids who are about 10 years old. I don’t think all this should stop an actress from doing a role because I believe we should be ready to do anything for a character.”

The film goes around in Hyderabad unlike the original which was completely filmed in Kolkata – “If Kolkata was a character in ‘Kahaani’, old Hyderabad becomes an important character in the remake. A lot of changes have been done in the south adaptation. It will not be like a cut, copy and paste of the original,” Nayan expressed.

Nayan confirmed that Anamika is not a commercial but a realistic film with a typical Sekhar Kammula touch – “He believes in more of reality and doesn’t understand the commercial cinema. Since I’ve been a typical commercial films’ heroine, I had my doubts about working with him, but it all changed after I started working with him.”

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