Don’t Do Jr NTR Bigg Boss Show

The fact that the Young Tiger NTR Jr is hosting the show Bigg Boss Telugu is making the Nandamuri fans happy. At the same time, they are very much concerned about the bad name that NTR is getting due to the show.

Don't Do Jr NTR Bigg Boss Show
Don’t Do Jr NTR Bigg Boss Show

Some well-wishers of NTR Jr asked him to leave the show as it is anti to the culture of India. Now the Film Chamber of Commerce for Telangana President directly advised Taarak to quit the show. He explained that as a huge of NTR Sr and Jr, he doesn’t want to see his favorite hero hosting a controversial show which will bring him a bad name. He asks NTR Jr to look at the present scenario of the Tamil Bigg Boss show and the host Kamal Haasan which is surrounded by many cases and controversies. Now the fans are in a thought that their hero should cancel the show as soon as he can to come out clean without any sort of bad name.

Many heroes have rejected to host this show, but the makers have requested NTR Jr with fancy amounts. Let us wait and see how Taarak deals all the upcoming controversies.

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