Dongala Muta movie review

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It is

RGV having his usual film making fun, but, with a smaller camera.

A couple (Ravi Teja and Charmee) travelling through a less used road has a car break down and their only choice comes down to an abandoned resort which is now being used by a group of amateur thieves (Subbaraju, Supreet and Brahmaji) who have been assigned their first big project.

Why does the experiment bore you?

– Whatever be the experiment you have to offer, technically, without a proper script there is no real surprise if it turns out amateur, over-burnt and much unfinished.

– The digital film makers trying to stretch the film’s 30 minute duration to feature length.

– A group of people moving around a maze like building (the move Varma himself used on several occasions, Anaganaga Oka Roju being one of the better examples) was the move on which the burden of the film’s script less length is imposed.

Except for the Manchu girl, the cast is all the film has to offer, professionally. Subbaraju being the best of the professional lot.

A kind of film an aspiring/amateur film maker friend of yours might come up with. Watch it if you consider Varma a friend.

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