Done everything with him says Top heroine!

Top Bollywood heroine Rani Mukharjee stated that she has done everything with one person. She stated that she date Aditya for around 5 years. During her Bollywood heroine career, she met Aditya and shared good bonding with him. Finally, this pair got married this year.


Speaking on this aspect, Rani Mukharjee stated that no one will have issues with us as we dated one single person in our lives and done everything with that person. For Aditya that one person is Rani Mukharjee and for this actress that person is Aditya. It is a bold statement from Rani Mukharjee.

In the present scenario when youngsters are going for breakup even before getting married, it is an appreciable aspect that Rani Mukharjee went for the person she dated for around 5 years. Few youngsters are saying that this lady is an inspiring person in the present generation.

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