Don’t search for me, says Ranjitha

Even as detectives from the Crime Investigation Deportment (CID) struggle to file charges against Bangalore Swami Nityananda, the main witness and alleged victim, actress Ranjitha says she can’t turn up for the inquiry.

Ranjeetha, who allegedly appeared in the sex tape with the swami, has reportedly written a letter to the CID asking to be excused from attending a questioning session, citing health reasons.

The alleged letter said that Ranjitha was in the US with her sister and was undergoing medical treatment.

"I will inform you once I am better, but please don’t search for me until then," the actress said in a letter allegedly written to the CID.

CID officials however denied receiving any such letter, and said they were still looking for her. "This is just a rumour and we have not received any such letter," said M N Reddy, inspector general, CID.

The CID could not file a chargesheet against the swami without Ranjitha’s statement, as they are yet to gather solid evidence.

"They had to file the chargesheet within 60 days, as the accused was in judicial custody. Since they failed do so, Nityananda got the bail. If this continues, the case may be dismissed all together," said HS Chandramouli, who appeared for Nithyananda in the court before the present lawyers replaced him.

According to sources in the CID, it was the second time that the investigating officers had sent a notice to Ranjitha, asking her to be present at the inquiry. When they sent the first notice in May, she had said they could not force her to attend the questioning session as it was against the law.(NDTV)


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