Don Seenu Review

It is..

Yet another typical Ravi Teja entertainer.

The Plot…

The screenplay is what we at ‘Telugu land’ call – the entertaining prototype. You can narrate the entire screenplay to somebody for an entire day and yet summarise the total plot in a few seconds.Seenu (Ravi Teja) is greatly inspired by Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’ at a very young age and is convinced that his destiny is to become a don. In the process of fulfilling his destiny he runs away from home at the age of 10 and arrives at Hyderabad years later.

The city at that time has two major dons – Narsingh (Sree Hari) and Mallesh (Shiyaji Shinde). Seenu uses his own strategies to get induced to the Mallesh gang and as an opening assignment is sent to Germany to fool Narsingh’s sister (Shriya) into loving him. Who is Seenu’s secret sister and the confusions the master don – Duggal (Mahesh Manjerekar) is put through add up to the plot in the second half.

Twists are available in abundance and after the initial few you wouldn’t care anyways.


There is no particular use for a segment of the review that talks about the actors of our ‘typical entertainers’. Nothing new to look forward to. Same

old. Same old.

What was entertaining?

Ravi Teja as usual brings in his entertaining persona to the party and he along with Ali can keep you amused through the first half.

What went wrong?

Talking from the purely commercial perspective, the second half was rather drab and kept losing the grip on the audiences.

The songs in particular were some of the worst I’ve heard in a long time. A good set of compositions with a few interesting lyrics could have avoided

the audience walking out every time the film breaks into one of those expected sequences.


Expect nothing new and your chances of disappointment are avoidable. A thief snatches Shriya’s bag and Ravi Teja goes on to fight an authentic

looking (Telugu film wise) snatchers gang, you know the sort. They wear black leather clothes with tattoos and all that. Just before the fight kicks

off, Seenu says something which is more than an apt verdict for the film.

“This is South Indian masala”.

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