Dolly Bindra’s turned a new leaf!

It seems loud-mouthed Dolly Bindra has changed since her exit and from the Bigg Boss house and is making an effort to turn into a new leaf. On her re-entry she apologized to Shweta Tiwari for her earlier behaviour.

Dolly was ousted after she had a fight with Shweta and Samir Soni. But the actress, who was known for her vulgar verbal attacks and loud behaviour, has adopted a calm demeanor after her re-entry on the popular Colors’ show.

"Dolly apologised to Shweta for her personal attack on her and for behaving badly with her. This came as a surprise to everyone because she could not see eye to eye with Shweta. This time around she is mingling with everyone and is quite calm unlike last time," a source from the channel Colors told IANS.

The housemates will also be given a tasks, under which they will have to treat Dolly like a queen and pamper her.

It has to be seen how long Dolly continues in her new avatar.(IANS)


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