DJ Aqeel attacked

DJ Aqeel Ali is known for making music that Bollywood’s biggest names (including his brother-in-law Hrithik Roshan) love dancing to. But a few days ago, he was at the receiving end of some disorderly behaviour as he played his music. Apparently, Aqeel was involved in a brawl with some drunk men that left him badly injured.

It seems that Aqeel was working the console at a club in Mumbai when the incident happened. Two young men, who were quite drunk, walked in and wanted to get more of their friends into the club. When Aqeel refused, they attacked him with bottles, leaving him hurt and bleeding. That’s when the bouncers in the club came to his rescue and got the men out of there.

Aqeel is believed to have said later that it wasn’t anything serious that happened, just an argument that got out of control. Well, whatever happened, we hope Aqeel’s recovered, and back to doing what he does best – playing cool music.



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