Diwali Gifts for Nadigar Sangam Members

Diwali Gifts to Nadigar Sangam Members
Diwali Gifts to Nadigar Sangam Members

The newly elected Nadigar Sangam team led by Vishal and Nasser have decided to gift all its members dresses and sweets for this Diwali. As per the reports they are gifting veshtis to all the men and sarees to all the women members of the association along with a sweets box.

The newly elected committee of Nadigar Sangam aka South Indian Artistes Association has decided to give clothes as gifts to all the 3500 members of the association. This news is revealed the other day in a press release. Sweets will also be gifted to the members. It is well known that the Association has around 700 members from Tollywood.

Apart from this, the committee has decided to divide the working members of the committee in groups and enquire about the current situation, monetary ways, etc.. of all stage actors living in the villages in Tamil Nadu. This process will start after Diwali.

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