Divorse fear haunting senior heroines!

Senior heroines are now facing tough time in the Tollywood film industry. These actress are now being haunted by divorce rumors. It is known that few heroines applied for divorce in South India in the recent past and this turned out to be a big headache for other senior heroines.
Heroines Divorce

Roja is the one who is being haunted in the present in this aspect. It seems that a rumor came out to the media that she is seeking divorce from her husband. This turned out to be a hot topic in the spectators as Roja turned popular with “Jabadasth” apart from her controversial comments in AP assembly.

Responding to this, Roja stated that she is not seeking any divorce from her husband. She conformed to the media that she is staying separately but she is not in the process of going for divorce. Reasons behind the separation is not yet known to the media. Looks like, something is going on off screen in Roja’s personal life.

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