Divorced Celebs Creates Ruckus at London Restaurant

We have already reported that Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor and her businessman husband Sanjay Kapoor, who had been staying away from each other for the past 5-6 years, got officially divorced a month ago.

Sanjay Kapur and Karishma Kapoor
Sanjay Kapur and Karishma Kapoor

The duo when came face to face the other day created a ruckus. Going into details, Karisma visited a restaurant in London along with her new boyfriend, Sandeep Toshniwala. Her former husband Sanjay Kapoor, who was already partying with his friends at the same restaurant, lost his temper when he saw Karisma with her boyfriend.

He started a heated verbal argument with her before he was calmed down by his friends saying that she was not his wife anymore, and he could be in trouble for his alleged behavior.

Later, Sanjay denied all of this when media questioned him.

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