Disputes between director and producer?

As per the sources from the film nagar some disputes are going on between well known director Rajamouli and Producer Chanti Addala.

Sources say producer Chanti Addala paid advance to Rajamouli to start a new movie. Whatever the reasons the movie has not yet started and when Chanti was asking Rajamouli on the same, he didn’t get proper response from Raja Mouli. Finally there was no response from Raja Mouli and Chanti complained this issue at the Producers’ Council.

Rajamouli is currently working for ‘Maryada Ramanna’ with Sunil as lead. After completion of this project if Raja Mouli starts Chanti Addala’s project then everything is ok. If not, Chanti Addala is now consulting legal personalities to stop the shooting of ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and demanding his money back.

But as per the sources director Rajamouli may not start his movie, we have to see for the result?

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