Dishkiyaoon Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

The movie begins with Harman Baweja and Sunny Deol playing snakes-and-ladders in an unspecified room making an uninteresting conversation. Sunny Paaji starts speaking in a forced Haryanvi accent and you start feeling that you would rather watch him dancing to “Mere dil le gayi oye kammo kidhar”. Even a “Yaaro o Yaara” would do, but not this annoying act.

Dishkiyaoon is a gangster movie with the male protagonist Viki played by Harman. Viki in his childhood is bullied in school, and doesn’t have a great equation with his father (Rajit Kapoor) who insists him to follow the non-violence path. To retaliate against the school buliles, he seeks help of a gangster – Tony. Tony gives him gyaan that an eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth is what works. Viki’s new found gyaan helps him to do the retribution, and grows up in the gangster world of Tony. Amidst the gangster wars for power and money, Tony is killed. The rest of the story is about Viki’s vengeance and the turbulences in the process.

The basic skeleton of the story is very familiar, and the key to win in such a situation is the treatment. The treatment is way below the mark in Dishkiyaoon. Neither there is a thrill, nor any intensity in the proceedings too. There are good numbers of characters that are introduced in the movie, but all of them remain half-baked. The film is consistently boring without any single sequence that is intriguing. It will be really interesting to know what the Kundra couple found so interesting in the script.

The only two good things that happened to Dishkiyaoon are Prashant Narayanan and Anand Tiwari. Prashant is excellent as a fatherly figure gangster. The lackluster scenes somehow shine with his screen presence. Anand Tiwari is a gem. He plays Rocky, a member who is jealous of the protagonist. In such a clichéd role, he makes out his own space and performs remarkably.

On the other hand, we have Harman Baweja who tried his best to overcome the curse of being a look- alike of Hrithik. There is nothing extra-ordinary in his performance but he is not unbearable either. Sunny Deol’s look is awful and so are his kahaavaths he frequently recites.

The soundtrack of the movie is good, and it doesn’t prolong the duration much with just three songs (two of which are timely too). The background score however is mediocre for the scope it has for a gangster film. There are some well-written dialogues but to even it out there are some unattractive set if lines too.


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