Disha Patani Slams Reports That Hrithik Roshan Tried to Flirt With Her

Whenever a movie is on sets, the rumors that the leads are dating have become common. However, the rumors got a little bit ugly in the case of Hrithik and Disha. Bollywood diva Disha Patani is currently sharing the screen space with Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan and Disha Patani
Hrithik Roshan and Disha Patani

Rumors came out that Hrithik has been harassing Disha to date him. Some wrote that disputes arose between Hrithik and Disha. In the past, Kangana Ranaut made some allegations on Hrithik. Now, the media alleged that he has been doing the same with Disha as well. As per the rumors, Hrithik has been threatening Disha Patani to date him. Replying to the gossipmongers, Hrithik responded on Twitter. “This Tweet is for the progress of your company. Next time you want to write something about me, please come and ask my help directly” tweeted Hrithik. Disha also busted the rumors with her tweet.

“There is some childish and irresponsible gossip about Hrithik sir and me doing the rounds. I would like to say that it is completely untrue and in the minimum interaction that I have had with him, he has been one of the most dignified and joyful people. It’s my regard for him as a person that is making me respond to something this trivial. There is no truth in me my walking out of any project with him” clarified Disha Patani.

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