Discussion On Raviteja’s Brother Bharath’s Funeral

The news that Ravi Teja’s brother Bharath died in an accident has shocked everyone in the film industry. Meanwhile, there is a discussion going on in the media that all of the family members skipped the funeral event. Ravi Teja and his family members reportedly stated that they are unable to take this death news and are not in a state to see his face and him lying down as a dead body. This is the reason they said for not attending the funeral on the day of his death.

Bharath's Funeral
Bharath’s Funeral

Meanwhile, the news is that Bharath’s funeral was conducted by a junior artist who took RS 1500 rupees for the same. Apparently, he told that he took the money to pay the school expenses of his children. On the other side, Raghu, the younger brother in the family is the only one who attended the funeral. The exact reason for Ravi Teja skipping it is unknown.

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