Disco Shanthi revealed about her sickness


Disco Shanthi, who is a known actress in South India came up with a sensational news on her health in the recent times. As per the talk, Disco Santhi has been suffering from a major sickness and she was in hospital. This news came on to the media few days back and it shocked one and all.

Now, Disco Santhi came out to the media and revealed that she is suffering from jaundice. It seems that she took non vegetarian even after getting jaundice and it showed severe impact on her health. Shanthi further mentioned that she is all fine and she asked the media and the people to stop worrying on her health.

Disco Santhi mentioned that her son was worried seeing the news in the media and she felt that her fans too might have felt the same. Hence, she came on to the media and explained the situation. At present she is coping up well and she is undergoing treatment under her sister who is a doctor.

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